Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Here's to a new year!

Where have the past six months gone? Somehow time slipped by me and I know there’s no excuse for neglecting my dear blog and inter-web friends, but here’s a quick re-cap of what’s been happening in my world the past few months…

July- Transitioned from Caribbean sunshine to African winter and adjusted to my first month as a newlywed. Hosted some volunteer groups. Snow on the ground at build site! Brrr…
From this, to this:

August- This month seemed to be full of work planning meetings, back-to-back. Not a huge fan of meetings, but we did manage to develop our first ever long term strategic plan. Go us! Some political riots disrupted things at the beginning of the month but things smoothed out pretty quickly.

September- Work was still busy but I managed to sneak home for a whirlwind weekend trip to the US for a dear friend’s beautiful wedding. Vowed never to fly home from Africa for less than a week ever again. Jumped right back to work with a workshop in nearby Pretoria . Got the motivational boost I needed. Feeling reinvigorated and ready to work hard.

October- Hosted our first major work event, coordinating hundreds of volunteers at six different work sites. Lots of media coverage (positive for a change). Event a success, but glad it’s over! Jetted to Cape Town mid-month to brave the GREs. (Did I mention studying and grad school applications on top of everything else?) Met my target. Happy to toss my study books and flashcards!

November- Start month off with a 10K race in Soweto (Jo’Burg) with group of friends. Did well, felt great, until we discovered break-in and theft of 4/5 of our cars during race! Talk about a buzz kill. Officially ‘break-up’ with Jo’Burg and get back into some local traveling. Weekend trips to gorgeous Semonkong and local Cherry Festival. Cook pseudo-authentic Thanksgiving meal complete with turkey, gravy, pumpkin pie and all. Realize next day I forgot the specially-imported cranberry sauce in cupboard. Doh!

Semonkong view, not bad.

December- Celebrate 6-month wedding anniversary (already?!) at luxurious Maliba Mountain Lodge. Long-awaited holiday break. Road-trip with hubby and dad-in-law (in from TX) along Garden route for 2 weeks through mountains, safaris, beaches, and winelands. Return well-fed, bronzed, and happy. Ready for a new year ahead.

Happy 6-month!

What a great roadtrip, from safaris, to beaches, to winelands, and cities!

And what better time to get back into my blog and say hello again than a brand new year?

2010. It’ll be a big one in this region. With the World Cup just a few months away, there’s lots of buzz and development around these parts. (Mostly next door in South Africa to be honest, though I have some friends who are working hard to build up local tourism here too.)

It’ll be another big year in my life too (not that it can top last year!) because I’ll *hopefully* be starting graduate school back in the US this Fall. Applications are in and it’s completely out of my hands now, which is actually a great feeling. I kind of love not knowing exactly where I’ll be this time next year.

So, cheers! Here’s to 2010. Here’s to a brand new decade. Here’s to not knowing what the future holds. Here’s to slowing down the next six months and enjoying the small things. Hoping this new year brings each of you health, happiness, everything you need, and most of what you want in life. Cheers!


Kristin said...

Happy new year, Kimberly! I cannot wait to hear more of adventures in 2011.

FatPassport said...

Sounds like a great 6 months, and love the photos!