Friday, August 22, 2008

Good cookin'

Well, life goes on out here in the Mountain Kingdom. Unfortunately, no big updates since my last post and as it turns out, “housing” has become a dirty word around here so mums the word ‘til we have good news to share. Work-wise, I’m onto another short-term gig next week with one of the big European donors in town. More info-gathering and running around town which I don’t mind so much because I’m starting to know Maseru like back of my hand which is practically a small miracle for someone as directionally challenged as yours truly! Nonetheless, I am sending out job applications like it’s my job (ha!) and have gotten pretty darn good at drafting a cover letter in less than 20 minutes, for what it’s worth.

The weather is finally warming up A LITTLE, which means only 2 layers of blankets at night and I can actually wear short sleeves if sitting directly in the sun for a 3-hour window of time. Amazing though how a change in weather really infiltrates people’s state of mind around here. The gym is now packed by 5pm, people are actually swimming in the (indoor) pool, and dare I say it’s Braii (BBQ) season again?? Well, we are kicking off the season (premature as it may be) by hosting a Braii this weekend at our temporary abode. With his Texas visit still fresh on his mind, Jeremy can’t wait to get in front of the grill and I’m looking forward to whipping up some sweet things. I have been a bit of a baking maniac lately—from cupcakes and zucchini bread to quiche and slice (Aussie tea-party cake). And thanks to Jeremy’s recent visit home, we now have 20 packets of taco seasoning and about 100 tortillas in our freezer and I’m stocked up with Ghiradelli chocho-chips, all set to make my ‘famous fudge.’ So, at least we can’t say we aren’t well fed out here. Thank goodness there’s a gym! Bon appetite!

Monday, August 11, 2008

...this little piggy went home

Nearly 6 months into our never-ending quest for housing out here, I can't help but think about whether there are some living options I haven't considered yet. I mean, given that I don't need much and all. Perhaps I can hire a bunch of guys to construct a luxurious tree house, complete with an open-air shower and great views all around, perched precariously above the royal palace? Or maybe I can clear out the back seats of the Rav-4 and fill it with jewel-toned silk pillows, perfect for lounging, Casbah-style! I have even considered embracing a fixer-upper (I've seen plenty!) in one of the "not quite there" 'hoods of Maseru, but something tells me we're not in Kansas anymore...

So what's a girl to do? As you can see, I'm running low on new ideas here, so why don't you all throw some my way? Or better yet, just make me laugh (or cry) by telling me about the craziest place you've ever called home!

'Til next time...